Photography Projects

Grand Hotel | 2017

Grand Hotel, Invercargill, New Zealand.

Sleep | 2017

Wellington, New Zealand.

Abstract State | 2015 -16

State houses Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand

Looking for the Subject | 1990 - 2005

The Louvre and Auckland Art Gallery

Kaikauhoe | 2006

Pounamu taonga at Tauranga Museum Project, New Zealand

MeteOre | 2004

Greywacke from Oratia, West Auckland, New Zealand

Populus | 2013

Poplar trees, Wairarapa, New Zealand

Lake | 2000

Lake Taupo, New Zealand

River | 2000

Tutaekuri River, New Zealand

Otatara | 1999

Otatara Pa Historic Reserve, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Absence - Presence | 1989

At the abandoned Excelsior Hotel, Dunedin, New Zealand

Artists | 1981 - 89

Joanna Paul, Charo Oquet, Louise Henderson, Jacqueline Fraser, Janet Bayly, Jeffrey Harris, Vivian Lynn, Alison Duff Milan Mrkusich and Doris Lusk, New Zealand

A Portrait of Law | 1987

Denese Henare, Michael Littlewood, Paul Burrows and Clive Edwards, Auckland lawyers

Portraits | 1980 - 88

Joanna Paul, Laurie Baker, Otis, Nick Evans, Juanita Ketchel, Jude Worters, Jenny Black, Richard Hanna and Jonathan Lonie

Surfaces | 1981

Urban exteriors in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand

Selected Exhibitions | 1982 - 2007

Exhibition posters

Elvis Fans | 1986

Auckland Metro Magazine, August, 1986.

Mother, I'm Rooted | 1975

Mother, I'm Rooted: An Anthology of Australian Women Poets edited by Kate Jennings, Outback Press, Melbourne, Australia, 1975.

Adrienne Martyn obtained an MFA (First Class Hons.) from University of Auckland in 2005. Her photography is represented in several public collections including:

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